Cetingrad: Square of the Croatian Homeland War Veterans and Church of the Assumption of the blessed Virgin Mary
Municipality of Cetingrad is situated in the central part of Croatia in Karlovac County. It is surrounded by municipalities of Topusko, Vojnić, Slunj, Rakovica and municipality of Velika Kladuša in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Center of the municipality is a small town Cetingrad which was built in the vicinity of mediaeval fortress of Cetin. It is located about 20 km from Slunj and regional road Karlovac - Plitvice. During the Homeland war Cetingrad was completely destroyed. After the war it was successfully rebuilt. The center of the town is Square of the Croatian Homeland War Veterans, Monument to killed Croatian Homeland War Veterans and Church of the Assumption of the blessed Virgin Mary with its parish. Near the road which connects church with the cementary there is fair ground on which every year on Saint Joseph's day annual fair is held. Other main events in the town are fairs on the day of St. Peter and St. Paul, Assumption Day and the Municipality Day which is celebrated on August 7. On this date Cetingrad was liberated in action "Storm".
Stari grad Cetin

Old town Cetin
The most important sight in Cetingrad are the ruins of the old town of Cetin. This is the mediaeval fortress which is located several kilometers south of the town and after which Cetingrad was named. In the middle age the fortress belonged to the Frankopan family. On the Diet in Cetin on January 1, 1527 Croatian noblemens elected austrian archduke Ferdinand I for Croatian King. During the Ottoman wars the fortress was several times damaged and repaired. In 1790 it was liberated from Ottoman invaders. After the Ottoman threat was gone Cetin was abandoned. Near the runis of Cetin there are also Cloister well and archaeological site Crkvina. From Bilo, hill above the Cetin, one has a nice view on the old town Cetin and Cetingrad, Velika Kladuša and mountain Petrova gora.
Pogled na Cetingrad sa Cetina

View on Cetingrad from Cetin
The municipality of Cetingrad is located on the low rolling hills covered with woods and fields. Municipality, which belongs to the thinly populated areas, is divided into 36 communities. Largest of them are Pašin Potok, Bogovolja, Komesarac, Tatar Varoš, Grabarska, Batnoga, Ponor and Maljevac. Maljevac has an international border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina on teh regional road Karlovac - Vojnić - Velika Kladuša and Bogovolja has local border crossing. Municipality is one of the priority regions. Its economy is based on agriculture and small and medium enterpreneurship. It is well known for production of milk and cheese, breeding of cows, goats and sheeps and growing of mushrooms. Other important sources of income are woodworking, transport and trade services and catering. Due to nice nature the municipality is suitable for developement of rural and hunting tourism.
Communities in Municipality of Cetingrad
  Batnoga     Begovo Brdo     Bilo     Bogovolja     Buhača     Cetinski Varoš  
  Delić Poljana     Donja Žrvnica     Donje Gnojnice     Đurin Potok     Glinice     Gnojnice     Gojkovac  
  Gornja Žrvnica     Gornje Gnojnice     Grabarska     Kapljuv     Kestenje     Komesarac     Kruškovača   
  Kuk     Luke     Maljevac     Maljevačko Selište     Pašin Potok    Podcetin    Polojski Varoš  
  Ponor     Ruševica     Sadikovac     Srednje Selo     Strmačka     Šiljkovača     Tatar Varoš     Trnovi